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After expecting several months, BOOX fans finally can update the latest firmware V1.9.0 to their BOOX Max2 and Note. The new version fixed a lot of bugs about Neoreader, sidenote and note application that were feedbacked by users.  V1.9.0 definitely provides a much better user experience. The highlight of V1.9.0
Father’s Day Promotion Starting date: 13th June 2018 End date:  18th June 2018 All gifts will be sent out through Amazon BOOX stores Vouchers can be at all Amazon BOOX stores (Amazon BOOX stores refer to US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) First come and first serve. Onyx International Inc.
Are you a writer? Are you an editor? Do you need to read, type and edit a lot of text and articles on computer every day? Do you have blurred vision, dry and red eyes from using too much computer and tablet? Onyx BOOX Max2 is a good solution for
Do you know the side-note feature on BOOX Max2 and Note? Check out how awesome note-taking experience is for side-note feature. If we can write beautiful Chinese calligraphy, you can write any beautiful languages there smoothly. Note-taking experience on side-note blank page Do you know the side-note feature on #MAX2
A Dreaming Device for Outdoor Music Practice Time. 由 Onyx boox 發佈於 2018年4月4日星期三