BOOX releases new version software V1.9.0 to international users

After expecting several months, BOOX fans finally can update the latest firmware V1.9.0 to their BOOX Max2 and Note. The new version fixed a lot of bugs about Neoreader, sidenote and note application that were feedbacked by users.  V1.9.0 definitely provides a much better user experience.

The highlight of V1.9.0 will be the note-taking application. We would like to enhance the usage of our devices as drawing tablets and digital notepads.  In order to ensure the stability and responsiveness of note-taking application, our engineers optimized the app from its basic structure.  It also comes with whole new interface. There are several cool new features added such as “full screen mode”, “thumbnail view”, “white colour pencil” “background personalisation” …etc. The new Note application is officially renamed as Knote.

You can have a quick view of changelog of V1.9.0

Neo Reader

  • Fix bug of when note-taking menu is extended and retracted under Sidenote mode, notes may be lost.
  • Fix bug of when one page is full for PDF notes, pressing “back” button causes frozen screen.
  • Fix bug of handwriting occasionally is not shown before screen refresh under Sidenote mode.
  • Fix bug of original PDF document may keep flashing when erasing handwritten notes.
  • Fixed bug of when scanned PDFs with notes are exported as PNG formats, the page number is incorrectly shown.
  • Add checkbox to TOC page, which allows export or delete multiple designated pages.
  • Add side-switch to Sidenote mode for both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Fix bug of highlight and annotation do not show after software is updated.


  • Redesign the whole UI of Note application.
  • Fix bug of Note application is frozen and handwritten notes may be lost.
  • Add full-screen mode to Note (up left corner); Press Back button to exit full screen mode.
  • Add thumbnail view to multiple pages of a Note copy.
  • Add “customize background image”. PNG format is supported. Please put template png images to root directory \noteTemplate directly.
  • Add note synchronization via 3rd party cloud service such as Dropbox, when Note exits, a PDF document will be saved automatically to root directory \Note folder and uploaded to Bound account.
  • Add “auto connection with Wi-Fi and synchronizing notes” .
  • Add feature of when devices are restarted or shut down, handwritten notes are saved automatically.
  • Add feature of Add “show erasing trace”, which is enabled by default and can be turned off optionally.
  • Add “Add new page” icon to the top of note list page.
  • Add “delete option” to Note local \ Cloud backup.


  • Add notice” invalid input and failure rename” when documents are renamed with some invalid symbols.
  • Fix bug of books may not be able to be added to the sub-bookshelf.
  • Put “clear all” to the top in the drop-down notification Centre.
  • Remove checkbox to send out data option from Information Feedback due to privacy policy change.
  • Add optional choice for users on Google Play store. Go to System / Extension / Application. It is disabled by default.
  • Fix bug of twisted Recently Added UI on main interface.
  • Remove screenshot function on Max2 and will be added later when it is ready.
  • Add battery level check (no less than 30%) and storage check (no less than 700MB) before OTA updating.

Cannot wait to try the new firmware?

There are two methods to update your BOOX to V1.9.0

Method 1: Update locally

  • Download firmware from
  • Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage.
  • Go to Settings -About - System Update - “Check update from local storage”, then follow the instruction to update the device. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.

Method 2: Update online through OTA

  • Connect your BOOX with Wi-Fi first
  • Go to Settings - About - System Update - “Check update from cloud”, then follow the instruction to update the device. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.

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