What Will Happen When You Tap Twice on BOOX Neoreader?

What Will Happen When You Tap Twice on BOOX Neoreader?

It depends on what you’re tapping.

double-tapping recognition

When introducing new features of the V2.3.1 firmware, we mentioned that hand-drawn shapes and underlines have different recognization patterns from hand-written texts.

In this article, we will explore the differences and show you how they will perform upon tapping.

Double Tapping
Covert texts, underlines and shapes.


After underlining the text with a stylus, you can tap twice on the line to change it into a straight line. The annotation toolbar will pop up upon recognition. You can change the annotating straight line into other styles, such as highlighters and dashed lines. However, if your hand-drawn underlines hit the text or are too curvy or tilted, the recognition may fail to change them into annotations.

If you want a printed consecutive straight line without the annotation toolbar showing up, you can deselect the “Underlined text is recognized as highlight first” in Neoreader’s settings.

Hand-drawn Underlines recognition
Hand-drawn Underlines Recognition with Annotation Toolbar Popping Up


Shapes will be recognized into different marks based on their positions. 

If you circle a part of the text area, the circled text will be highlighted. And you can change the highlight style on the annotation toolbar. 

If you draw a circle or any other common shapes, such as triangles and rectangles, on the spacing areas, these hand-drawn shapes will be transformed into regular printed shapes. 

Circle to highlighter
Circle a part of texts to recognize it as a highlighter
shape conversion
Drawn down regular shapes to convert them.

Hand-drawn Lines

Random hand-drawn straight lines rather than underlining the texts will be changed into relatively thick straight lines. 

As for hand-drawn curvy lines, the recognition will turn them into different printed lines or shapes based on their tracks.

Random hand-drawn lines will be recognized as consecutive straight lines.

Hand-Written Texts Combine with Hand-drawn Shapes

Hand-written texts merging with hand-drawn shapes can be recognized, but the transformation accuracy is higher when texts and shapes are put down separately

text and shape recognition
Texts and shapes can be converted together.

One More Hack

After you enable “hand-drawn symbols ✳ are identified as bookmarks” in the Neoreader settings, you can double tap your hand-drawn ✳ to see the change. You will find the page is bookmarked simultaneously as the symbol disappears.

hand written recognition settings
Handwriting Recognition Setting
add a bookmark
Tap twice the hand-drawn ✳ to add a bookmark.

What’s Your Impression and Expectation?

When you update your BOOX to V2.3.1, which type of recognition will you use frequently? If you haven’t upgraded yet, which double-tapping trick would you like to try? Leave your comments below, or share your review on Twitter or Instagram to get the chance of winning a $10 coupon!

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11 comments on “What Will Happen When You Tap Twice on BOOX Neoreader?

  1. Cool features
    I wish you could add an alternative option to double-tap with the pen (or pen button, or eraser) instead of finger.
    The palm recognition keeps failing (while writing) so I want to disable touch input most of the time…
    Like this I can only use the pen for both writing and annotations
    (I read korean text books and use the translate annotation constantly)

    1. Hi Lemo,

      It’s hard to tell double-clicking with a stylus is painting two dots or requesting conversion. If the stylus-clicking recognition feature is enabled, users may find it hard to draw dots on the NeoReader. But our developers will strive to satisfy any necessary request.

      Also, you said that the palm rejection kept failing, which may be a bug. You can submit feedback in the Settings module on your device to let our engineers analyze the failure and help you fix it.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  2. Hi, is there a way to undo this action? I converted hand written notes by accident and would like to revert to the handwritten version. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Elena,

      You can revert the recognized texts by tapping the undo button. However, if you’ve done any other operations before undoing, such as turning pages and exiting the NeoReader, then converted texts can never be changed into the hand-written version. Hope you haven’t taken other steps after the accidental recognition and can successfully undo it.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

      1. Thanks for the reply. I mistakenly pressed the “backward” button in the main toolbar instead of the “undo” button in the scribble toolbar. This changed the page and I guess it’s no longer possible to revert the text.

        1. Sure thing, Elena. We understand that it might be frustrating to have all hand-written texts gone. And we hope that the text conversion will happen as you want it. Please be careful when you tap twice next time. You can leave us comments anytime when you need help or submit your feedback in the Settings.

  3. I had a similar experience where I accidentally pressed the “previous page” button instead of the “undo” button after accidentally double-tapping a hand-drawn figure. Unfortunately, my carefully constructed diagram was converted into a jumble of shapes and symbols. Perhaps in future updates, the ability to “undo” the handwriting detection could be more easily reversed, or made less permanent in some way?

  4. Is there a similar double tap feature we can use for the native notes app. I would like to double tap for hand recognition while taking notes in the notes app in addition yo the neo reader. Thanks!

    1. Hi Luis,

      Once the double-tapping feature is available at the Notes app, users will frequently activate the conversion of some texts which they don’t intend to, as we’re afraid. But we’ve passed on your request to our development team to see what we can do. Although currently there’s no similar double-tapping feature in the Notes app, you’re always welcome to tap the “AI” button to convert your handwriting into texts.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  5. Hi Boox-Team,

    the recognition feature is unacceptably annoying, because you can’t rest your hand on the screen anymore when writing. Please add the setting to disable this!

    Best regards


    1. Hi Marius,

      We’re sorry to know that the double-tapping feature doesn’t do your favor. You can open a random book, then turn it off via Settings > Floating Toolbar Settings > Hand Writing Recognition Setting > Enable auto-recognition by double-tapping onto handwritten notes.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

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