BOOX Back-to-School Promo: Upgrade Your Learning Device at New Beginnings

BOOX Back-to-School Promo: Upgrade Your Learning Device at New Beginnings

Use BOOX to read, write and learn better.

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Don’t be upset by the non-reopening news, as BOOX can help you learn effectively whether you will spend your fall semester at home or school. From August 1, you can buy BOOX Max3 and Note2 at surprisingly reduced prices at BOOX Shop and Amazon.

Help You Stay Focused and Productive

You must have heard of a general view: Technology breaks our time into fractions and distracts us from current tasks. However, it is not tech devices but the ways you use them that determine your study status.

BOOX never blocks the possibilities that an E Ink device can offer. Instead, equipped with Android 9.0 OS and advanced firmware, Max3 and Note2 can provide you with versatile functions, and most of them help facilitate your efficiency. 

You can install all kinds of applications in Max3 and Note2, but compared to the digital LCD devices with definite entertainment purposes, Max and Note2 provide fewer possibilities for visual and dynamic games due to the E Ink feature. 

Max3 and Note2 can satisfy your needs on features regarding learning while reducing the contact to entertainment factors.

BOOX does not restrict you to using built-in features, as we believe that some third-party applications can also make differences and improve your productivity. BOOX also enables learners to get totally focused on their tasks when all the connection to the social worldwifi, Bluetooth, app notificationsare turned off.

We always provide solutions for different learners. We don’t enforce you to stay “focused” by simply offering a digital notepad with simple functions handling limited file formats. Instead, we provide everything on Max3 and Note2 to help you achieve more tasks while let you decide your way of study, and your way of life.

Make Reading Digital Academic Materials Comfortable and Easy

Learners who need to do technical studies may find that reading academic materials with a tablet can always be a pain in the neck. The LCD will strain your eyes while small screens take a lot of operations to read the texts. Therefore, BOOX Max3 and Note2 can be the most suitable tablet for reading large-format articles and books.

13.3’’ Max3 is similar to an A4 size paper. 10.3’’ Note2 is smaller, but it’s also close to a letter-size page (8.5*11 inches). Their large sizes combining high-resolution E Ink screen enable them to deliver academic texts and images clearly while protecting your eyes from hurting by blue light. 

When reading A4-size PDFs in Max3 and Note2, you don’t need to scroll or zoom in and out frequently to read texts, which saves you a lot of effort in operation and adjustment. You can also select the navigation mode to chunk the page into several sections and read them one after one in a custom order, resulting in ultra-convenience for reading several-column technical papers with super small texts. 

If you encounter foreign words, you can look it up in the dictionary and type in your thoughts as annotations. Besides, you can translate the whole page in the split-view mode to help you better understand the main idea. 

Take Organized Notes On the Page and Outside the Page

Annotation and highlight help learners interact with the content, therefore marking down the texts and note-taking are significant ways of comprehending knowledge. However, learners cannot write on the borrowed textbooks, and additional notepads take space for storage and time to organize. 

BOOX E Ink tablets provide excellent solutions for the above concern. Both Max3 and Note2 can handle various file formats, such as PDF, ePub, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, CBR, CBZ and TXT, and support you to mark down on them directly with a stylus. The BOOX generic stylus with an eraser on top is 4069-degree sensitive to pressure, so it’s convenient for you to put down notes and pictures in detail and edit them.   

If the spacing is limited for notes, you can open the built-in notepad in a split-view to take organized notes with a specific template. With the digital notepad, you can create as many pages you want without heavyweight of real papers. You can also sync your notes to the cloud or other devices via BOOX Assistant and third-party apps.

Fast and Last Long

In addition to helping you read and annotate technical texts and take notes with unlimited pages, Max3 and Note2 can also increase your learning efficiency by providing fast speed and long battery life.

Max3 and Note2 running with a powerful octa-core processor can process files quickly, enabling you to open a PDF over 50MB in seconds. The USB type C connection also speeds up the transfer of data. Even if you’ve installed many Android applications, you can still input an ocean of large digital books and files as both Max3 and Notes offers 4+64GB storage and support OTG for extensional storage. 

Besides, Max3 and Note2 with 4300mAh can work for days on one charge. If you want to focus on your tasks and turn off the WIFI and Bluetooth, these two devices can even run for weeks. You’ll never need to worry about frequent charging.

Which is Better for Learning: Max3 or Note2?

Max3 is larger than Note2 and is more similar to an A4-size paper, which can render better readability for technical reading materials. 

However, Note2 weights 378g, which makes it more portable. Also, Note2’s front light can help you read when the ambient light is dim.

If you read a lot of academic papers and essays and will not read in the dark, Max3 can be a better choice for presenting large-format files decently in a similar size screen. When you read indoors often and want a lightweight device, Note2 with front light can suit you better. 

No matter you choose Max3 and Note2, both can provide you with rather smooth reading experiences and versatile note-taking capabilities. Moreover, both are equipped with a powerful processor and run with Andriod 9.0 OS and ample storage, operating and storing large digital textbooks quickly. 

The advanced E Ink tablets that can help you get better academic performance are on sale in the back-to-school promotion. It’s time to upgrade your learning devices at new beginnings.

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