BOOX Gesture Customization Tutorial

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 2

Gesture Customization

Are you still busy tapping the back button to go back to the previous page or the home page? On some devices without a back button, such as Poke3 and Note Air, do you think you can achieve these tasks only with the navigation ball?

What if there’s a better way to quickly switch apps, back to the previous page, go to the home page and even do more with just a gesture?

We’re not boasting; The custom gestures that come with the V3.0 firmware can achieve this.

Three Gestures and Seven Options

You can customize up to three gestures that are all featuring a swipe from the bottom edge. You can swipe from the bottom-left, bottom-middle, and bottom-right edge to achieve different purposes.

Three customizable gestures: swipe inward from the bottom-left, bottom-middle and bottom-right
Three customizable gestures

For every gesture, you can assign one function to it. There’re seven options, and they’re:

  • None
  • Back Home
  • Back
  • Screenshots
  • Multitasking switching
  • Clean cache
  • Full Screen Refresh
Seven customizable options for each gesture
Seven customizable options for each gesture

How and Where To Customize Gestures

After understanding how many functions you can assign to the gestures, you must be excited to know how to find the gesture customization. It doesn’t evolve into a separate app. Instead, it is listed in the Settings.

Tap Settings > More Settings, and there it is: Gesture Manager. Through which you can make your BOOX device with the V3.0 firmware more convenient for operations.

Gesture Manager
Gesture Manager

Notes and NeoReader Can Appear at App-Switching Interface

When it comes to “app switching,” many users want to know if the built-in Notes app and NeoReader can appear in the task-switching surface.

As we all know, the V2.3.1 firmware didn’t make it. So it takes several steps to switch between NeoReader and Notes App, which causes a lot of inconveniences for our users. 

Fixing this issue, the latest V3.0 firmware successfully shows the NeoReader and Notes App in the “recent apps” interface. So you can swipe up from the bottom to switch between the built-in apps and third-party apps quickly as you do with your mobiles.

App-switching interface
NeoReader and Notes App appear in the app-switching interface.

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