4 Things You Need to Know about Layers on BOOX E Ink Tablets

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 3

Layers on BOOX E Ink tablets

Layers! Layers! Layers!

Layer, such a long-awaited feature, finally comes to Max LumiNote AirNote3, and Nova3 first with the V3.0 firmware.

As an essential feature that users frequently required, layers can help people take notes without ruining the templates and draw details while retaining the original layout.

What should you pay attention to when using layers on BOOX? We’re going to share with you four basic facts that you need to know about layers.

Let’s check them out.

#1 Add Up to Five Layers

The built-in Notes app supports you to add up to five layers currently. As the template is the base layer, you can actually have up to six layers at the same time.

Add up to 5 layers and a base layers
Add up to 5 layers and a base layers

#2 Templates Button Is Hidden in the First Layer

Where’s the template button? 

In this post, we shared that the template button featuring a “田” follows the “AI” text recognition button. 

But now it’s gone. 

As we’ve introduced the layers into the Notes App since the V3.0 firmware, the template feature is integrated into layers and becomes the base layer. So you can tap the layers button and change the template in the first layer.

By selecting a template as the base layer, you can give your work an overall layout instruction. You can choose from either local space, cloud space, or custom templates in png format to give a page a specific look

But it’s worth noticing that pdf templates will cover all the pages in a notepad. You need to be careful that you choose a png template if you want to make pages different from each other.

Built-in, custom and cloud templates in the Notes App
Built-in, custom and cloud templates in the Notes App

#3 More Eraser Options

The eraser button also changes with the layers.

Before the V3.0 firmware, there’re three eraser options: Mobile Eraser for precise erasing, Stroke Eraser, Area Eraser and Eraser All. 

We have one more now: Erase Current Layer. And “Erase All” is changed to “Erase All Layers.”

With the newly added erasers options, you can better master your creations by choosing an exact eraser to wipe out the things you don’t need. 

Eraser options
Eraser options

#4 Sync or Back up Your Drawings with Layers

After finishing your work with layers, you can sync them to your Onyx cloud account and check it anywhere on your mobile with the BOOX Assistant

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