Introducing BOOX Poke3: Ultimate Portability Meet with Powerful Reading Features

Our best 6inch E Ink tablet upgrades with a better chip, Android 10 and USB Type-C.

Introducing BOOX Poke3: Ultimate Portability Meet with Powerful Features

An upgraded octa-core can take the device to a new speed level. Android 10 is compatible with more third-party apps. A USB Type-C interface can provide a more stable connection and faster data transfer speed.

How can a 6-inch E Ink tablet that only weighs 150g packs all these features into it? That’s possible with the BOOX Poke3.

After releasing Max LumiNote AirNote3 and Nova3, we launch Poke3. It’s our smallest E Ink device, but it has the same powerful chip and software as its “big brothers.”

What makes Poke3 a better buying decision than the highly-rated Poke 2? You’re in for decryption, let’s dive in!

A Device Made for Ebook Reading

Before hitting the fierce comparison part, let’s go through the basic information about this smallest Android-based E Ink device.

As the latest member of the BOOX Poke line featuring 6-inch size and unnoticeable weight, Poke3 inherits the straight-angle, compact design of Poke2. It makes itself different from Poke2 with a new color combo: the greenish-black and matte black.

Poke3 in greenish-black and matte black
Straight-angle Poke3 in greenish-black and matte black

Poke3 is smaller than an adult’s palm, making it an outstanding device for leisure reading. Its small HD Carta screen with a high resolution of 300dpi can display sharp and crisp texts.

Sit at the cozy sofa, hold Poke3 with one hand, adjust its front light, and experience the adventures in the books with a cup of coffee by the sidenothing can beat this moment. 

What makes Poke3 great is not only its size and screen but also its functions.

With the powerful built-in reading app, NeoReader, you can open any kind of ebook formats from EPUB, MOBI, FB2, AZW3, DOC, HTML to TXT and comic format from CRB to CBZ. 

Commuter with Poke3
Commuter with Poke3

You can put numerous books in ample storage of 2GB+32GB. When reading with Poke3, you can do more than turning the page:

  • Adjust Font Size, Typeface, Text Orientation, Image and Text Contrast, Line and Paragraph Spacing and Margins. 
  • Check out the Table of Content (TOC) and jump to a specific chapter.
  • Long press the words and sentences to use Translation, Dictionaries, Text-to-Speech, Annotation, Typed-in Notes, Web Browser and Copy&Paste.
  • Split the large-format pages into several sections and read them in custom orders.
  • Check out the Reading Statistics to better understand your reading patterns.

Also, if you want, you can read large-format DJVU, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. Just rotate Poke3 to the horizontal mode, use the snappy zooming features or customize a suitable display mode.

Choose Article Mode to split the A4-page into sections and read them easily in Poke3
Choose Article Mode to split an A4-page into sections and read them easily with tiny Poke3

The Best 6-inch Reading Device Gets Upgraded

Poke2 was our best 6-inch E Ink tablet, but the Poke3 is even better than it in the following aspects.

A New Material

The anti-scratch matte back case of Poke3
The anti-scratch matte back case of Poke3

Poke3 uses an upgraded anti-scratch, anti-stain material in the back case. The new back case in greenish-black gives a matte texture. When holding Poke3 at hand, you’ll feel warm and smooth.

Better Solutions

Poke3 vs. Poke2
Poke3 vs. Poke2

Like the recently released products, Poke3 gets an upgraded octa-core CPU, LPDDR4X solution, Android 10 and V3.0 firmware. These advanced hardware and software make Poke3 30% more responsive and more flexible than Poke2. You can read books with the NeoReader and all kinds of third-party apps, like Kindle, Kobo, Scribd and Nook.

USB Type-C Interface

The USB Type-C interface in Poke3
The USB Type-C interface in Poke3

The asymmetrical, irreversible micro-USB interface is always a pain point in Poke2. To help users charge and connect Poke3 more conveniently, we decided to upgrade the Poke3’s interface to a USB Type-C.

It’s impossible to change micro-USB to USB Type-C at one stroke. It takes a lot of measuring to put a larger USB Type-C interface into such a tiny device. 

Starting with the manufacturing, we firstly modified the tool to accommodate larger hardware. Then we used CNC to precisely craft the port’s shape. Finally, we placed a quality 24-pin USB Type-C interface in Poke3.

So you can flip around the cable connector and insert it in any direction. The new interface also helps you charge the device and transfer data faster.

Poke3 Is Currently Available at BOOX Shop

Reading with Poke3
Reading with Poke3

Poke3 is our best 6-inch E Ink device made for ebook reading and offers ultimate portability and convenience. Now you can order it at our official BOOX Shop and get a protective case for $0.

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