PushRead: A New App that Helps You Read Pushed Web Articles

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 4

PushRead: A New App that Helps You Read Pushed Web Articles

Pushing ebooks, files and web articles to read them later on BOOX is a great way to get rid of the LCD screens’ blue light and get evolved in a comfortable reading experience. 

Before the latest V3.0 firmware, users can push all kinds of documents and web posts to their BOOX tablets through push.boox.com.

For web articles, they will be converted into epub files. You can open them in NeoReader, and take notes on them like you’re annotating an ebook.

Send in web url in the "Push" box and get an epub version
Send in web url in the "Push" box at https://push.boox.com/ and get an epub version

However, this method can’t convert protected data of the original web page. Some texts and graphics will disappear from the converted web articles, resulting in a strange format or even a blank document. 

Since the latest firmware, we’ve developed a new built-in app named PushRead to help users read pushed web articles on BOOX better. 

PushRead vs. Converted ePub Files

PushRead can save the majority of the pushed content. This is its most significant advantage when compared to the conventional conversion method.

Unlike the converted articles in the epub format, PushRead actually remains the original format of a web article to save as much information. It offers you a similar user interface and reading mode of a web browser. You can scroll up and down to read content without loading. 

Top bar of PushRead
Top bar of PushRead

PushRead is even better than a regular web browser. Like our new NeoBrowser, it offers you several options to optimize the article reads on an E Ink device. 

You can adjust the font size by a tap, search for words, and change the refresh mode from normal mode, speed mode to A2 mode. 

You can also read with the built-in Reading Mode, which gives you pure texts without the interruption from ads and pics.

Get rid of pics and ads in the reading mode
Get rid of pics and ads in the reading mode

Long-pressing a word, you can copy, share, translate and look it up in the built-in/custom dictionaries and third-party dictionary pop-ups.

The only thing that worths notice is that it doesn’t support annotations and hand-written notes currently. If you want to take notes on the pushed articles, you need to go with the converted-to-epub articles and achieve that purpose with NeoReader.

Push Articles to PushRead

Pushing web posts to PushRead shares the same website of sending files to your BOOX: push.boox.com. But the typed-in box is different. 

For pushing articles to PushRead, you need to tap “Push” and “Webpage”, then type the URL in the box and click “add”.

Tab "Push>Webpage" and send in URL in the box.
Tab "Push>Webpage" and send in URL in the box.

While for pushing files, like ebooks and documents, to your BOOX device, the access remains “Push>File.” In the box under “File,” you can either send in a URL to convert the web article into an epub file so you can take notes on it, or push an ebook or a picture to your NeoReader.

Besides pushing files and webpages, you also push screensavers in the “Screensaver” tab. As the name suggests, it enables you to push screensaver pictures to your BOOX directly without the cable connection.

Heads-up! Here’re two important tips.

  1. To use the PushRead for the first time, you need to bind the same ONYX account on the website push.boox.com and your BOOX; 
  2. You need to connect your BOOX with Wi-Fi to download the pushed URLs for the first time. After loading once, it can be read offline later.

Enjoy reading with the PushRead app:)

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6 comments on “PushRead: A New App that Helps You Read Pushed Web Articles

  1. The default font size of PushRead is too small. I found that I have to constantly increase the font size. Hopefully it will be customizable or at least use a larger default font size. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chong,

      As PushRead remains the original form of a web article, it will show the original font size as well. And the font size is basically determined by the web post owner. We’re sorry to hear that the small fonts have caused inconveniences. We’ve passed that on to our dev team and see if we can do anything about that.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

      1. Great. Thank you! It’s a great app catering to the main use case of my boox e-ink tablet (to read interesting articles on internet). If the font size could be bigger, it will be a great pleasure to use.

        1. Hi Chong,

          Our dev team replies that we cannot change the original font size in the Web Mode. Fortunately, the font size in the Reading Mode will remain the same. So you can set a preferred font size in the Reading Mode and have a comfortable view switching to different articles.

          Best regards,
          BOOX Team

  2. Onyx, es necesario que empiecen a mejorar el software. ¿Qué formato usan para las notas? esto no se puede ver excepto que uno exporte a PDF o PNG. Necesitamos acceso y una plataforma para poder escribir plugins y mejorar la funcionalidad. Necesito poder crear un flujo de trabajo continuo entre el dispositivo onyx, un smartphone y la computadora de escritorio, necesitamos que abran eso, no que cierren como Apple todo. Todavía no sé cómo relacionar las notas con el celular y la computadora, tampoco puedo ver y editar ingresando a una página en la nube de onyx. ¿por qué no tienen el neo reader para descargar en la play store y poder seguir editando los documentos en el celular y que se vea reflejado en la tablet onyx?¿por qué no tienen al menos 1 sitio web dónde poder ver y editar los documentos desde la PC? Ni siquiera hay plugins para tener un buen workflow. Hay que instalar todas apps de terceros, pero que no están optimizadas para la pantalla e-ink, descargar herramientas de Google, de Microsoft, hacer cuentas en Evernote, ir de un lado a otro intentando sincronizar y tener algo ordenado ¿No se dan cuenta de las maravillas que podrían hacer con este dispositivo? ¿a quienes les tendríamos que enviar las propuestas? por “enviar comentarios” no responden de buena forma. Gracias.

    1. Hi Jonatan,

      Thanks for reaching out with so many meaningful questions. Here’re our answers.

      1. You can open your notes in the BOOX Assistant app in your mobile and at push.boox.com on PC without converting/exporting them to any other formats.
      2. NeoReader is indeed an outstanding app in terms of its reading capability. We’ve got the plan to make it and the Notes app separate apps, but the development takes time.
      3. We’re planning to add editing features in push.boox.com in the near future. If everything goes smooth, users will be able to edit notes in the PC and mobile in the next firmware update 🙂
      4. If you have any other questions about the device and want to make advice on our firmware, you’re always welcome to submit your feedback in the Settings>Feedback on your BOOX device. Our tech team will reply to your directly to offer more technical details.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

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