Third-Party Dictionary App Integration on NeoReader

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 5

Integrated Third-party Dictionary Pop-Ups

As many BOOX users acquire more than one language, a functional digital dictionary can help them pronounce, understand, and memorize new words.

If you’re familiar with BOOX tablets, you must know two ways of adding dictionaries to your BOOX: download them from our cloud space or sideload them into your device manually. 

However, during these processes, two problems will come up: The cloud dictionaries are too limited in options. And sideloading can take a century sometimes because some dictionaries are extremely large in size.

Moreover, both cloud and sideloaded dictionaries are not flexible enough to paraphrase trendy phrases, coined words and new slangs. 

If only I could check out the words in third-party app dictionary apps directly, users think.

To make our users look up to dictionaries more effectively, we integrate the third-party dictionary apps into the NeoReader since the V3.0 firmware. Let’s see how to use them in steps.

Download A Third-party Dictionary App

Download a third-party dictionary app in Google Play Store is the first thing to do. But not all dictionary apps have a pop-up feature, so you need to make sure you download one that does.

How can we know whether a dictionary app supports inlined popups? It’s simple: check out its description and illustrations. 

Take Quick Dictionary as an example; the first illustration shows that it can be called out in other apps. And a popup presents exactly in the picture.

An illustration of Quick Dictionary on Google Play Store
An illustration of Quick Dictionary on Google Play Store

So after you’ve downloaded it, you can look up words in its pop-up box in the NeoReader.

Look up words in the Quick Dictionary popup in the NeoReader
Look up words in the Quick Dictionary popup in the NeoReader
Besides Quick Dictionary, the Google Translate application also supports popups in the NeoReader. 

Call out the Popup

Open a file in the NeoReader and long-press a word: It will only take you to the sideloaded or cloud-downloaded sources. If you want to call out the third-party dictionary app, you shall tap the button next to the “A” button.

Call out third party dictionaries popups
Call out third party dictionary popups

Upon tapping that button, a drop-down menu will show all the third-party dictionary apps. When you tap one of them, the paraphrase will show up in the popup directly.

Look up words in the Google Translate popup
Look up words in the Google Translate popup

This integration will facilitate your reading by saving you time in copy and paste and app switching. If you’ve got used to this feature, you can leave us comments to share your dictionary apps that support popups!

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