Introducing BOOX Nova3: Read and Write Anywhere with A 7.8inch Device

Your portable, 7.8inch E Ink tablet becomes more capable and versatile

Introducing Nova3

What’s the smallest BOOX E Ink tablet that supports both reading and handwriting? Before this October, it was our Nova2. But now Nova3 enters the game and becomes the most advanced 7.8inch Android E Ink tablet in the market.

What makes Nova3 better than other 7.8inch E Ink tablets? If you’re torn between Nova2 and Nova3, which one should you choose? Is it worth it upgrading to Nova3 when you have a Nova2? Keep reading to find the answer.

Nova3: Read Books and Take Notes Wherever You Go

Nova3 is a 7.8inch Android-based device featuring the smallest E Ink tablet that supports capacitive touch and stylus

It’s more capable than the Poke3 in terms of size and RAM. You can sideload and download a lot of books and create a bunch of notebooks in the 3GB+32GB storage.

An array of BOOX tablets, including the Max LumiMax3Note3Note Air and Note2, are compatible with styluses, but Nova3 is noticeably smaller and lighter than the 13.3inch and 10.3inch devices. 

Its portability is more ideal for commuting and travel. You can take out Nova3 in the pocket to jot down thoughts or do some reading during your journey to the next destination.

Taking Notes on Nova3
Taking Notes on Nova3

Among all kinds of excellent 7–8inch E Ink devices, including the Kobo Forma, Kobo Libra and Nook Glowlight Plus,  Nova3 gets its place in the top list because of its robust capability in supporting book formats and note-taking and its system flexibility.

Speaking of reading features, Nova3 with the built-in app NeoReader can handle various formats from EPUB, MOBI, TXT, HEML, FB2 CBR, CBZ, all the way to DJVU, PDF and PPT. You can either read fiction or manuals effortlessly on such a 7.8’’ Carta screen with a high resolution of 1872×1404 and 300dpi. 

Reading with the 7.8inch E Ink Tablet
Reading with the 7.8inch E Ink Tablet

The adjustable front light and contrast can help you see crisp text at any time. And you can improve your reading experience with all kinds of highly customizable options, such as font size, reflow (for PDF only), contrast, padding and margin.

When it comes to note-taking, Nova3 offers a lot of features to help you visualize your ideas, including:

  • Templates. You can choose from built-in or cloud templates or even customize your templates. 
  • Layers. You can add up to five layers and a base layer on each note page.
  • Five levels of grey and three different colors. Once you’ve synced your notes to your mobile or PC, the colors will show as usual.
  • Five brushes. Fountain pen for writing, pencil for sketching, ball pen for quick note-taking, brush pen for calligraphic writing and painting, and marker pen for highlighting. 
  • Lasso. You can select a part of your notes and then move it, zoom it in and out and copy and paste itall at your will.
  • Syncing. After finishing your notes and drawings, you can sync them to the cloud and access them at the and with BOOX Assistant on your mobile.

If you’re a drawing guru, you can create fantastic illustrations on Nova3 in layers with various colors and pen brushes. If you take notes a lot, the templates will help you organize your thoughts better.

Push an article to the Nova3
Push an article to the Nova3

Another feature that can make Nova3 a better 7.8inch E Ink option is its Android system. Nova3 is compatible with many third-party apps. You can install Kindle, Kobo, Scribd, Google Drive, Dropbox and more apps to seamlessly access content on different platforms. 

You can also split the screen to run two apps at the same time. Imagine reading stories with Kindle on one side and notebook on the other side, or the NeoBrowser and a dictionary app side by side. You can do two things on a 7.8inch screen and always save time for app switching.

Nova3 vs. Nova2: Level Up in Capability

Nova3 is a large step forward when compared to its predecessor in terms of both hardware and software.

Nova3 vs. Nova2
Nova3 vs. Nova2

From the hardware specs, Nova3 gets an upgraded octa-core processor and LPDDR4X RAM, which makes it faster in task processing and save more power

It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and adds a quality built-in speaker. If you’re fond of listening to audiobooks or music when reading, you cannot miss the 7.8inch Nova3 with improved data transfer speed and audio equipment

When you take Nova3 along with you wherever you’re heading, you can always enjoy stories and melodies via BT headphones or the speaker.

The built-in speaker in the back case of Nova3
The built-in speaker in the back case of Nova3.

Another feature that Nova3 is better than Nova2 is Android 10. Although Android 10 only has slight differences from Android 9, it does offer compatibility with more third-party apps. Nova3 with Android can enable all the new features of V3.0 firmware, while Nova2 will miss a few of them because of the hardware and software limitations.

Taking notes on Nova2
Taking notes on Nova2

If you believe that the screencast and NeoBrowser are not that significant to you, you can choose the discounted Nova2. It’s still a well functional E Ink tablet running Android 9 with almost all the advanced firmware features, including the system-wise split-screen and layers coming with the V3.0 firmware.

Split the screen to run two apps on Nova3
Split the screen to run two apps on Nova3

However, if you would like better responsiveness, enhanced overall performance and a well-built speaker on your portable Nova model, then you can go with Nova3. Nova3 can offer you the most powerful features that you can find in a 7.8inch E Ink device.

Check out Other Large-Form Devices As Well

Nova3 has a size of only 7.8inch, which determines that it’s not appropriate for showing large-format documents, such as PDFs.

Although the NeoReader is powerful enough to split an A4-size page into several sections and display it in custom orders in a small device, it’s better to use a tablet with a larger form factor to read PDFs comfortably

If you’re accustomed to reading reflowable materials, such as EPUB and MOBI and sometimes have one or two PDFs to browse, Nova3 is a great device since you can read and take notes on the documents.

However, if you mainly read academic files in PDF formats, a large BOOX E Ink tablet, such as Max LumiMax3Note3Note Air and Note2, may suit your needs better.


New BOOX products are available at all our online shops. You can now order Nova3 and Nova2 at the BOOX Shop to get a full set of free accessories.

If you’re new to BOOX products, you’re welcome to join our Facebook fans group to learn the tips&skills of using BOOX tablets and what the experienced users love about BOOX🧡.

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