Gallery App: A New Way to Edit Pictures on Your BOOX

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 6

Gallery app

If you’ve updated to the V3.0 Firmware, now turn on your BOOX tablet, tap Applications and stare at the panel. How many new built-in apps can you see? 

Two. And you find them: PushRead and Gallery.

PushRead is an app that helps you read pushed web articles better, yet Gallery is totally different. Gallery allows you to edit pictures on a BOOX E Ink tablet.

Yes. EDIT PICTURES ON AN E INK DEVICE. Keep reading to learn more.

What Can You Do with the Gallery App

Editing pictures is essential in many situations. Snap the screen, crop the images, highlight the key points with red circles, or mosaic private info, and share the picture via network.

It requires a highly integrated system to help you finish the whole process promptly, or else you have to open apps one by one to complete the steps.

Fortunately, we’ve taken this user’s need into consideration and developed a picture-editing software for BOOX E Ink tablets. And it’s Gallery.

After snapping the screen, a thumbnail of the screenshot will display in the corner. Tap it, then it will lead you right away into the Gallery app, and you can start editing.

You can use the following tools to edit pictures.


You can write on the pictures using different colors and shades of grey, ball pen, three shapes, and four kinds of line with or without arrows. You can also adjust the stroke and line width.

Highlight important info with Graffiti
Highlight important info with Graffiti

Text Box

Besides scribbling on the pics, you can choose a font size and typeface to type on the pictures and make your edits neat and clean. Like graffiti, you can also change the font colors and indention.

Type texts on the picture
Type texts on the picture


Crop pictures at a fixed, commonly-seen ratio, such as 16:9 and 4:3, or customize the cutting to maintain the picture’s critical part. You can also rotate and flip it to create a favorable result.

Crop a picture to reserve the significant part
Crop a picture to reserve the significant part


Mosaic is the best way to protect the confidential info while reserving the pic layout. You can adjust the mosaic stroke width.

Mosaic some private information
Mosaic some private information


Pick an eraser to wipe out the strokes you don’t want. You can also undo and redo by tapping the arrows in the upper right corner.

Erase the unnecessary strokes
Erase the unnecessary strokes


After finishing your light editing, you can share the work with a QR code or send it as an attachment via email. 

Share edited pictures with a QR code
Share edited pictures with a QR code

In addition to entering the Gallery through screenshots, you can open the Gallery app in the Applications panel and import the pictures manually.

Why Use the Gallery App

Gallery app is dedicated to providing light picture-editing functions on  E Ink tablets, so every feature is optimized for E Ink displays

Compared to the built-in, versatile Notes app, Gallery is more handy and convenient in cropping pictures and scribbling on them with shapes and arrows. Also, you don’t need to import photos to a note.

Compared to the NeoReader, Gallery offers more tools and practical features in photo editing. 

However, the default program for pictures remains NeoReader. If you want to open an image in a storage folder with Gallery, you need to long-press it to call out the menu, tap “Open With”, and choose Gallery.

Long press a picture and choose to open it with Gallery
Long press a picture and choose to open it with Gallery

If you’ve updated to V3.0 firmware, have you used the Gallery app to edit screenshots and share them with your friends? Your perspectives about this app are always welcome in the comments.

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2 comments on “Gallery App: A New Way to Edit Pictures on Your BOOX

  1. I am a happy owner of a 10.3″Onyx. I like it very much and I appreciate your continuous support and software updates. I am so Happy that I am considering buying the full size 13″ device for reading and editing PDFs and notes. However, two things bother me and affect my buying decision: 1) I have a large e-book library which I would like to upload to the Boox tablet so I can always have it available with me. The included 4Gb memory is quite insufficient and there is no option to upgrade ( I have about 50Gb of books and PDFs). Would you be considering in future products adding a microSD Flash memory slot for the user to add extra memory ? If you plan doing so I think it should support at least 1TB of microSD Flash memory upgrade. This will not cost you much to manufacture the slot and the cost of the memory itself will be paid by the user. This will turn your devices into truly universal book readers.
    2) I don’t know what type of battery you use in the onyx and what is the expected lifetime of the battery. However, I think it would be nice if you make the next generation of devices with a user replaceable battery which will be nice reassurance that the device life is not limited by the battery life. This is particularly true with the larger and more expensive 13″ devices having a price similar to a laptop computer. Do you imagine someone throwing his 13″ boox reader into the garbage because the battery has run out ?
    I hope you read my comments and may answer my questions soon.
    Keep up the great work !
    Dr. Lihu Kolton

    1. Hi Dr.Lihu Kolton,

      Thank you for reaching out. The USB port in most of our devices supports OTG, which means you can insert a portable storage device into a BOOX tablet and read the books and other files in it. So currently we’re not planning any microSD Flash memory slot in our device, but if we decide to do so, we’ll announce it via our official channel. For the second request, it is difficult to make a replaceable battery in our devices considering their structure. Supposed the battery malfunctions in your BOOX, unfortunately, please submit feedback to We’ll try to solve any problem as soon as we can.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

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