7 Reasons that Customers Love Onyx Boox Note Air

Here’s what customers say

7 Reasons that Customers Buy Onyx Boox Note Air

Since Note Air’s launch in September, this unique BOOX lineup has attracted people’s attention and wins its reputation in performance and productivity improvement. Yet, some customers are still on the fence about buying a digital E Ink tablet, ormore specificallybuying Note3, Note Air or Note2

If you’re also one of the people strangling between Boox models, the following customer reviews can shed light on users’ love about BOOX Note Air. Based on their perspectives, you will know why you should choose this 5.8mm thick, 10.3inch E Ink tablet.

Reason 1: Ergonomic and Modern Design

I was surprised by its beautiful design and the simplicity with which it can be operated. —Marjolijn Knippels/Note Air User

One of the reasons that make Note Air a unique BOOX model is its industrial design. It’s slim, chic and offers an effortless grip with the ergonomic structure. As Note Air user David Sirka put it: “The Note Air is a powerful and attractive e-ink tablet.”

Reason 2: Built Quality and Solid Structure

It is a well made and solid product when you take it in hand. —Massimiliano de Martini/Note Air User

Note Air is only 5.8mm thick, but it doesn’t mean it’s fragile. We use advanced Nano Molding Technology (NMT) and CNC to delicately build out its quality case and vertically align the different screen layers and covers to create a solid structure

As user Tamas Kovacs says: “The Air is a high quality product, extremely well built, nice packing with a good software.” And you can only tell its built quality when you touch the slim and sturdy device.

Reason 3: Convenient Use with G Sensor

With its gyroscope you can use the device just like a tablet - it will adopt the screen to the position you like to hold it. —Stefan Sippel/Note Air User

Gravity sensor is hardware that you can only find in Note Air among all the Boox models. It allows users to turn around the device and start using it in any direction. Whether you’re left or right-handed, Note Air can perfectly suit your use case and offers you optimal reading, writing, and multitasking experience.

Review by Note Air User Marion Buehring
I love the auto-rotate feature to go from landscape to portrait mode easily. —Marion Buehring/Note Air User

Reason 4: Various Reading/Drawing/Writing Features for Productivity

The notepad capabilities are very good, while providing a large range of features for drawing (see the attached picture). —Andrés Lugo/Note Air User

Note Air’s versatile 10.3inch size makes it an excellent device for displaying large-sized PDFs and small-format ebooks.

Review by Note Air User Andrea Petrachi
Not too big and not too little (13 inches would be a problem on my desk, while 7 or 9 inches could be too little for PDF). —Andrea Petrachi/Note Air User

With its powerful tools, users can read scientific books comfortably and use the device with front light in both day and night.

Review by Note Air User Ananth Benedic
And I use it all the time for note taking, browsing, studying pdf & other formats and even reading in the night with the front light on. Its a great All in one package and great investment. —Ananth Benedic/Note Air User

In terms of drawing and note-taking, people use the LassoLayers, and Zooming, Hand-written Text Recognition and other features to create artistic and organized works. Users can even search for hand-written notes.

Review by Note Air User David Gonzalez
I write fast and not that legible, but the text recognition + search functionality are amazing, and find almost everything. —David Gonzalez/Note Air User

Reason 5: System Flexibility to Support Apps, Audios, and Split-Screen

This eink device is not only a good reading device, it's also great for surfing the internet, shopping Amazon, and even scrolling Facebook. —Marion Buehring/Note Air User

One of the great things about Note Air is it’s based on the open, flexible Android system and running the latest Android version on E Ink products. 

Note Air users have been benefited from the software, and they’ve installed all kinds of apps, from reading apps (Kindle, Kobo, Scribd, Libby, Mendeley), cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive), productivity apps (Zoom, Canvas) to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit), and made the device fit into their lifestyle and workflow

Review by Note Air User Rita Rathbone
I can use Kindle and Libby. I can used email and Google Drive. I can use Canvas and annotate student work. I am very happy, it meets all my needs. —Rita Rathbone/Note Air User

Users also love to split the screen to run two apps at once. Besides, as a versatile digital tablet with an E Ink screen, Note Air can offer quality streaming with its built-in speaker. People can listen to audiobooks or music via Note Air’s speaker or BT earphones to get some chill vibe for their readings.  

Reason 6: Alternative to iPad / Samsung / ReMarkable tablets and Physical Notebook

I've been looking at the various e-ink note-taking options for a while and having used my Note Air for only a day I can say I am smitten, and it's immediately replacing my current swapping between iPad and paper notes for good. —Jakob Gronkjaer/Note Air User

Note Air differentiates itself from most of the same-sized devices and even real paper with its capability and E Ink Carta HD screen.

With the E Ink screen of 227 dpi and front light, users can read sharp texts while protecting their eyes from being hurt by LCD’s backlight. The eye-friendly display makes Note Air a preference over some robust tablets, such as iPad and Samsung Tab S6. 

Review by Note Air User, Jakob Gronkjaer
The screen is high quality, the backlight is a nice extra for working late into the night and unlike the iPad the screen stays cool to touch (and rest your palm on) when working on it for extended periods of time. —Jakob Gronkjaer/Note Air User

Also, unlike LCD devices requiring frequent charging, Note Air can last for weeks on one charge. User Devin Odom has proved the excellent 3000mAh battery capacity: “Battery life has been very good though I have only had the device for a few days, it has not needed a charge.”

If you’re looking for outstanding 10.3inch writing tablets like the ReMarkable2, you can take a look at Note Air. Note Air focuses on offering an optimal multitasking experience for its users in addition to a great writing experience.

Review by Note Air User, Devin Odom
Overall, excellent e-reader, note taker, simple tablet. —Devin Odom/Note Air User

Leveraging Note Air’s design and versatile capabilities, people can read books in any light, sync notes to the cloud and load Android apps and split the screen to do two tasks at once.

Like user Andrés Lugo put it: “All in all Note Air is a superb device: like a tablet, unlike any tablet!”

Reason 7: Magnetic BOOX Pen Made for Note Air

The new stylus has a more precise nib than previous Onyx stylus. It does have some weight to it and feels great in your hands. —Marion Buehring/Note Air User

BOOX Pen is a magnetic stylus made for Note Air. It features a different round-shaped shaft and a stiff, small nib to give users better control over the line width. 

Some users like Marion Buehring find the pen feels great, while some users may prefer a stylus with a bigger tip. To meet different demands, we offer an optional Note Air bundle containing the classic triangular stylus with a top eraser. 

Nevertheless, BOOX Pen is an excellent stylus if you love stiff nibs and the precise strokes it can create.

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