Recap 2020 with BOOX

An unforgettable year

recap 2020 with boox

How’s your 2020?

For most people, the answer is not gonna be cheerful. For BOOX, it’s also a year with tweaks and bumps. 

Our factory capacity fully stopped in February and restored weeks later, but the logistic jam and material lack dragged the process of manufacturing and delivery in the following months. Facing demands from all over the world, we struggled to keep our words and maintained the trust of our users. In such a hard time, we managed to develop new products, update firmware and software, and successfully deliver the eReaders to our user’s door regardless of all difficulties.

2020 is an unforgettable year for all of us, and it deserves a recap. Because of your support and encouragement, BOOX has gained the strength of going forward to a new year with you.

The most talked-about models

the most talked-about models

In 2020, we released several models, but the ones that hook people’s attention are always Note AirNote3 and Max Lumi.

Note Air tops the list because of its unique design and function. The wider bezel and gravity sensor make it useful and outstanding in an array of BOOX products. It’s thus selected as the best eReaders for 2020 by PCMag. Among the list you can see other famous eReader like Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Foma. MakeUseOf also reviews Note Air as the best 10.3-inch eReader and digital notebook.

Note3 is the premium model in the Note line. Although Note Air debuts with huge applause, Note3 gains people’s hearts with better configuration and overall performance. Gold will shine anyway.

Max Lumi is a beast in both size and specifications—The 13.3inch display, front lights with the highest 85% illuminance uniformity, large storage of 4GB+64GB with advanced solutions, Android 10 serving multiple productivity tasks. When a device packs the most powerful stuff, no wonder people speak highly of it—PCMag has already predicted it along with Apple iPad Air as the best tablets for 2021.

The most asked questions

model comparisons

The most frequently asked questions in 2020 are all about comparison.

Note3 vs. Note Air, Note Air vs. Max Lumi, Max Lumi vs. Max3, Nova3 vs. Nova2. People are asking, being torn between these decent devices, and making polls in our community for votes and advice on these E Ink tablets.

As the brand owner, we have to say all are excellent devices, but you need to find the one that suits you the most. The following articles might help.

The long-awaited feature

the most-anticipated feature

Since we made digital writing tablets, users had been waiting for layersThe layers in the Notes app allows people to draw different objects separately and then combine them as a complete, fantastic work.

It finally rolled out with the V3.0 firmware in September. Layer, plus the Pencil stroke, suddenly ignite people’s passion for creation. Featured comics protagonists, cute cartoon doodlings, and beautiful visualizations of design concepts. They sprung up in our community groups and served us with successive visual feasts.

Every time we released new features, users would thank us. At the end of 2020, we would like to be much obliged to our usersYou inspire us for continuous development and innovation.

The surprising functions

If it’s said Layer was the most anticipated feature, then Calendar Memo and Hand-writing Search must be two of the most surprising functions to our users.

Calendar Memo allows users to overview the book and note history of the day and set the memo as a screensaver. Searching hand-written words helps users find out important notes promptly. Both functions are mentioned a lot in our posts and community and turned out to be the dark horses of all features.

PushRead app, Screensaver app, GesturesSystem-wide Split-screens are also popular topics of 2020.

The best users

BOOX users

BOOX users we find are hands-down the most candid, open-minded and communicative group of people.

Your feedback about devices, suggestions about features, praises on updates, and criticisms regarding whatever needs improvements. They are valuable voices in our development roadmap. And we shall express special thanks to the users in the beta test groups who have helped us detect bugs and shared their insightful perspectives as always.

Thank you, BOOX users. 

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We’ve fulfilled our promises in 2020 and appreciated the people that support us along the way and encourage us in a hard time. 2021 is around the corner, it may not gonna be a perfect year, but with our hard work and unquenchable hope, it will be a colorful year full of life and surprises.

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