Everything You Need to Know About Color eReaders

You should know these before buying a color E Ink tablet

Everything You Need to Know About Color eReaders

Color E Ink products sprung in these two months and made “color” a new keyword in the 2021 E Ink world. 

Among all those color E Ink readers, what should you look for when deciding which one is the best for you? We’ve listed out some factors that may help you make a wiser purchase.

The screen: Kaleido or New Kaleido Plus?

Since E Ink announced their color ePaper technology, Kaleido, in 2020, the market has been filled with all kinds of “upgraded” Kaleido screens, making the development of this technology confusing to users.

Actually, the latest generation of E Ink Kaleido screen, officially named “Kaleido Plus,” was announced in the spring of 2021 with the debut of BOOX Nova3 Color

The new Kaleido screen (Kaleido Plus) uses a different printing pattern in the color filter and shortens the distance of the color filter layer to the ink-receiving layer. This way, it can increase color saturation and enhance the viewing angle, offering a better color and display performance.

When buying a color eReader, you can check their specification to see if their screen is a Kaleido Plus screen. If the device uses a new Kaleido Plus screen, your viewing experience can be much improved. Currently, the new Kaleido Plus screen is only developed for 7.8inch devices.

If you choose the 7.8’’ BOOX Nova3 Color with the Kaleido Plus screen, you can even get a greater display. 

Nova3 Color with New Kaleido Plus screen
Nova3 Color with New Kaleido Plus screen

Based on the new Kaleido screen, BOOX uses its original color algorithm to make the Nova3 Color’s screen more saturated and brighter. Its Display Control mode also enables you to separately adjust the screen color saturation, contrast and brightness to fit the colors into different content.

The design: Indented or Flush screen?

Paired with the Kaleido vs. Kaleido Plus, the sunken screen vs. flush screen becomes the talk of the town since the launch of BOOX Nova3 Color.

Although rumors say that the indented screen can better display colors, BOOX Nova3 Color stands out in the market with a flush screen. As the first color E Ink tablet using Kaleido Plus with a Wacom layer, BOOX Nova3 Color is also a rare color eReader that adopts a flush-screen design. 

flush-screen design of Nova3 Color
flush-screen design of Nova3 Color

It’s a bold move but not imprudent. Several things are factored in the design.

#1 Nova3 Color supports writing. A flush screen can help users write and draw comfortably. Users’ hands will not be hurt by the uneven bezels.

#2 Nova3 Color gets improved color rendering. Backed by the new Kaleido screen, BOOX color algorithm, and Display Control mode, the flat screen doesn’t compromise color performance.

#3 Nova3 Color gets better protection on the color filter layer. The glass cover-lens laminated on the top can better protect the Kaleido Plus layer from damage.

write and draw on Nova3 Color
write and draw on Nova3 Color

If you like flush-screen and practical design and drawing on the ePaper without obstacles, you cannot miss out on the BOOX Nova3 Color.

The system: Closed or Open?

install all kinds of apps on Nova3 Color
install all kinds of apps on Nova3 Color

A closed system can offer you content resources tied with the provider. On the other hand, an open system can help you access different content providers.

Some people find eReaders with a closed system are more intuitive in content browsing and purchase, but some people believe that E Ink devices with an open system are more flexible and customizable. The latter ones offer more possibilities.

If you’re looking for color E Ink readers with an open system, the BOOX Nova3 Color running Android 10 can be the most suitable one.

use Webtoon to read comics on Nova3 Color
use Webtoon to read comics on Nova3 Color

You can install all kinds of third-party apps on it. With its color screen, Nova3 Color can show the colorful content that monochrome E Ink devices can’t. Therefore, it’s an excellent device to use comics and manga apps, such as Webtoon. You can also open CBR, CBZ and FB2 files with its default reader to read colorful stories.

The capability: Writable or Not?

One of the best ways of using a color E Ink device is to write on it. It’s fun to annotate ebooks with handwriting in different colors and color sketches to make them into wonderful artworks.

If you want to make beautiful journals and planners with a color E Ink tablet, you must buy a color E Ink device that supports handwriting, such as Nova3 Color.

BOOX Nova3 Color comes with a Wacom layer. You can use the BOOX 4,096-level pressure-sensitive stylus in the package to write on Nova3 Color. 16 colors with a unique code are available in the built-in Notes app. Also, you can use several brushes, lines and shapes to visualize your ideas.

16 different colors and new lines and shapes on Nova3 Color
16 different colors and new lines and shapes on Nova3 Color

Besides creating works in the notepad, you can also highlight and annotate ebooks in different colors in the default NeoReader.

annotate ebooks with colors on Nova3 Color
annotate ebooks with colors on Nova3 Color


A color eReader with the latest Kaleido Plus screen can give you a better viewing experience. A flush-screen design with the glass cover-lense can better protect the color filter layer. With an open system and supporting writing, a color eReader can help to finish more tasks with fun.

If you’re looking for a versatile color E Ink device that contains all the advantages mentioned above, you cannot miss out on Nova3 Color

As a 7.8inch color E Ink tablet with the latest Kaleido Plus display, flush-screen design, open Android 10 system and powerful note-taking tools, it can help you experience color E Ink in the best way.

write and draw on Nova3 Color
write and draw on Nova3 Color

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