The complete guide of transferring files to BOOX

The Complete Guide of Transferring Files to BOOX

A new, long-awaited way included.

How many ways can you count for transferring files to your BOOX E Ink tablets?

The answer was 5. But since March 2021, we’ve introduced a new way to transfer files and web URLs to BOOX devices more conveniently: send2boox Chrome extension.

Counting in the send2boox extension, there’re 6 ways to send a file or web article to your BOOX. And they’re all easy-peasy. If you lost count of some of them, let’s check them out one by one.

Computer to BOOX: is a website that integrates ways to transfer all kinds of file types from computer to BOOX, including books, pictures, screensaver images, and web URLs.

Push files, screensavers and web URLs at

It only takes 2 steps to use

1.Log in to the same Onyx account on the web end and your device.

2.Send in the document/URL to the correct box.

Although the second step may require a bit more attention, the instruction table below can help.

File typesOperation at push.boox.comFind the sent files in a built-in app
Books/pictures/audiosPush> FileTransfer Books
Screensaver imagesPush> ScreensaverScreensaver
Web articlesPush> WebpagePushRead
  • Transfer books, pictures,  audios and other files: “Push> File.” All files can be found in the built-in app “Transfer Books.”
Pushed files record in Transfer Book app
Pushed files record in Transfer Books app on Max Lumi
  • Transfer screensaver images: “Push> Screensaver.” The images will be directly sent to the built-in “Screensaver” app, where you can set the screensaver mode for your device. But the sent images cannot exceed 10MB.
Pushed screensaver images in Screensaver app
Pushed screensaver images in Screensaver app on Note Air
  • Send web articles: “Push> Webpage.” You can read them with the default PushRead app. This article has shed light on this handy app.
Pushed web article list in PushRead app
Pushed web article list in PushRead app on Max Lumi

Computer to BOOX: send2boox Chrome Extension

If you want to push web articles to your BOOX without the copy and paste effort on, you can install the send2boox extension on the Chrome browser.

Send2boox is a chrome extension developed for directly sending web articles to BOOX devices. Unlike, you don’t need to copy and paste URLs in the box. Instead, you just need to log in to the extension and click it to send the current web article to your BOOX.

After installing the send2boox Chrome extension, please keep in mind to select the same server and log in to the same Onyx account on your device. 

Then you can choose either “Push URL” or “Export PDF push.”

If you choose “Push URL” and click “save:, then the web page will be sent to the default PushRead app, where you can read the article in its original layout, adjust the font size, or read with the reading mode to get rid of disrupting display ads.

If you choose “Export PDF push” and click “save,” a PDF preview will show up. You need to choose “send2boox” in the destination. If all the pages, layout and color settings are good to go, you can click “Print.” Then this article in PDF will be sent to the built-in Transfer Books app. You can open it with NeoReader and take hand-writing notes on the file.

Besides pushing the web page to your BOOX, you can also transfer local files with the send2boox extension. Choose “upload files” on the bottom, then drag or upload files in the pop-up box. Then the selected files will be pushed to the Transfer Books application automatically. It’s more recommended to transfer PDFs with the “upload files” feature.

Mobile to BOOX: BOOX Assistant

Sending books, PDFs and pictures from smartphones to BOOX can also be easy as a breeze. The BOOX Assistant, available in Google Playstore and Apple Store, can transfer files directly from mobile to BOOX devices.

Upon opening the app, you need to log into the same Onyx account with your BOOX device, and tap “Push” on the front page. Then you can select a file from your smartphone storage. After pushing it successfully, you can access the sent file in the “Transfer Books” application.

BOOX Assistant app is available for Android system and iOS
BOOX Assistant app is available for Android system and iOS.

Blasting Fast WIFI Transfer

Another way to transfer files from computers and mobiles to your BOOX is to use “WIFI transfer” in the “Transfer Books” application.

Unlike and BOOX Assistant, WIFI Transfer doesn’t require you to log in to your Onyx account. You just need to make sure your device and your PC/smartphone are using the same WIFI. And that’s all.

The next step is scanning the QR code with your cellphone or type in the URL address in the computer and send in files to your device—Wireless, fast, and straightforward.

Use WIFI Transfer in the Transfer Book app
Use WIFI Transfer in the Transfer Books app on Note Air

Third-party Apps Transfer

Besides the tools provided by BOOX mentioned above, you can use third-party applications to transfer files to your tablet.

As BOOX E Ink tablets are based on an open Android system, you can install all kinds of cloud service applications, such as Google Drive and DropBox, and download files from them.

Cable Transfer

When the internet corrupts, the above wireless transfer methods become ineffective. Here’s when cable connection can work like a charm.

With the cable connected to your computer, you can drag files directly to your BOOX device. Also, the USB port of most of our tablets supports OTG, so you can connect them with a portable storage device and transfer files from it.

Read pushed articles comfortably with BOOX Max Lumi
Read pushed articles comfortably with BOOX Max Lumi

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