6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color

Buy it if you want to get an eye-friendly, colorful experience.

6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color

E Ink color ePaper technology, Kaleido, has developed so fast since its release last year. The latest Kaleido version, Kaleido Plus, has already met the market with the debut of BOOX Nova3 Color and only available to 7.8inch devices this year.

Many users wonder if they should buy the color E Ink device Nova3 Color, or whether color E Ink devices are suitable for them. This article shows you what you should know about before purchasing the color E Ink reader Nova3 Color.

Nova3 Color Is Different from LED/LCD Tablets

Read with Nova3 Color
Read with Nova3 Color

Compared to a LED/LCD tablet, Nova3 offers a more eye strain-free reading experience. It’s great for displaying static content, such as books and light web browsing. The colors are also softer and look more relaxing

With Nova3 Color, you can read books comfortably and put down ideas whenever you want. The colors on Nova3 Color make reading and writing more enjoyable. 

And the open system and advanced hardware make Nova3 Color more valuable and powerful as a work and study tool. You can access content in Kindle, Kobo and Scribd. Download and sync files in Google Drive and Dropbox. And read emails at any time you want.  

It’s A Highly Customizable Device

Nova3 Color offers the ultimate customization of a color E Ink device. If you’re a DIY person, Nova3 Color is your cup of tea.

Speaking of customizing colors, you can modify colors to fit the screen into different content. As for customizing screen refresh to reduce ghosting on a color E Ink screen, there’re at least four ways to do so.

Refresh options in the system
Refresh options in the system

In addition to colors and screen refresh, you can adjust the file font size, paddings and margins and even reflow PDF in the default NeoReader. You can also use various colors, layers, lasso, recorder, and flexible canvas to create your artwork.

Nova3 Color is a highly customizable device. It can always offer options whenever you need them. When you choose different options, they can foster a unique display and experience tailored to your taste and different tasks.

Some Android Apps Aren’t Optimized for E Ink Screen

Although Nova3 Color runs Android to support third-party apps, some Android apps haven’t been optimized for E Ink screens. Most third-party drawing and handwriting note-taking apps, including OneNote, cannot show their most remarkable performance on Nova3 Color.

Drawing on Nova3 Color with the built-in Notes app
Drawing on Nova3 Color with the built-in Notes app

However, Nova3 Color gets a powerful built-in Notes app

With the Notes app, you have almost every feature that is useful for note-taking and doodling. You can use templates, pinch-to-zoom, various brushes and many other tools to organize your ideas on the flexible canvas. And with colors, you can make your notes and artwork amazing.

Colors Are Soft and Relaxing

The Kaleido Plus screen on Nova3 Color can display 4,096 soft colors contributing to a relaxing viewing experience for colorful content.

It offers more joy than a monochrome eReader and is easier on the eyes than a LED/LCD tablet. 

Read with Nova3 Color in the sunlight
Read with Nova3 Color in the sunlight

When reading comics and manga on Nova3 Color, you can finally get the fun out of colors on an eReader. If you’re a medical professional, reading anatomy atlas and telling apart arteries and veins can be so much effortless. Even if you read books for a long time, you won’t get much eye strain. 

To add to that, you can customize colors to make them fit into different content. Color contrast, brightness, and saturation are under your thumb.

Adjust colors on Nova3 Color
Adjust colors on Nova3 Color

Monocolor Front Light Is Eye-friendly

Because amber/warm/yellow light will reduce color saturation on the color E Ink screen, all color E Ink devices adopt white/cold front lights. 

Some users believe that the cold front light with a blue tint can hurt eyes.

However, it’s not the way front lights work. 

Front light comparison: LED tablets vs. Nova3 Color
Max front light comparison: LED tablets vs. Nova3 Color

Front lights can increase content contrast to make texts more recognizable. Although Nova3 Color only gets white/cold front lights, they are different from the blue light emitted by LED/LCD screens. The front light is more eye-friendly than LED/LCD backlights because they don’t shoot into users’ eyes directly. 

Moreover, BOOX Nova2, one of our models tested for blue light performance, has been verified to have photobiological safety lightsNova3 Color has the same size as Nova2 and adopts the same working principle of E Ink screen. It applies a color filter on the top which rarely affects the blue light performance.

Blue light test report of BOOX Nova2
Blue light test report of BOOX Nova2

Buy It If You Love to Get An Eye-friendly, Colorful Experience

Colorful, eye-friendly experience on Nova3 Color
Colorful, eye-friendly experience on Nova3 Color

Nova3 Color is an E Ink tablet displaying relaxing colors. 

You can read colorful diagrams, visualize your ideas with colorful marks, and use third-party apps on it. Most significantly, it is more eye-friendly and power-efficient than LED/LCD devices.

Moreover, compared to color papers, Nova3 Color offers a paperless lifestyle with better customizability. You can adjust colors, file font sizes, typography, margins on Nova3 Color to make the reading tailored to your needs, which you can never do on a colorful book.

Take notes with the 7.8'' color E Ink tablets
Take notes with the 7.8'' color E Ink tablets

If you take Nova3 Color as a LED/LCD tablet, you may not get the best user experience. 

But if you need an eye-friendly E Ink tablet that can read colorful charts, comics and take notes with colors, Nova3 Color is the best option. You can also use apps and see their original colors to make learning and reading more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to experience this 7.8’’ color E Ink tablet to get an eye-friendly, colorful experience for reading and note-taking, you can order it at BOOX Shop and Amazon.

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