Are You the LAST One To Know BOOX Notes App Supports Audio Recording?

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part Two

Are You the LAST One To Know BOOX Notes App Supports Audio Recording

Recording audio is useful. 

It helps you catch up with details when you are busy taking notes. It’s convenient when you need playback to dig out more information in the record. 

It’s a great feature if you frequently attend meetings and lectures. And it finally comes to the built-in Notes app with the V3.1 firmware.

Tap the Recorder Button, and There You Start

Using the recorder in the Notes is straightforward. The recorder button mimicking a mic lies in the toolbar. You tap it, and the recording starts.

A recorder bar will appear. You can stop recording anytime by tapping the stop button. Then you get a new audio clip, and you can assign a name to it. 

After enabling the fingers, you can tap the recording for playback.

No Limitation for Time or Quantity

There’s no time or quantity limit for recording. This means you can record the audio as long as you want. Also, you can record as many audios as you want in one notepad.

Move It to Any Layer, Anywhere

The audio clips will become a mic button on your notes. The greatest part is they are connected to the layers only, so you can add many different records to different layers of the notepad.

For instance, you can add a record file in Layer 1. When you make Layer1 invisible, the whole layer, including the audio on it, will disappear. So you can better organize your ideas based on the layer settings.

Recording4 stays on Layer2
Recording4 stays on Layer2. When you disable Layer2, you cannot see Recording4.

After you finish recording, you can move the clip around on the notes: Tap the lasso tool, then tap or circle out the recording. When it’s selected, you can move it to any corner of the note. 

Use lasso to select the recording and move it around
Use lasso to select the recording and move it around

Currently, the recording doesn’t support cross-layer duplication or movement.

Edit Name, Export or Delete Files in the Recording List

If you didn’t give the recording a name at first, don’t worry, you can always edit it in the recording list.

Tap the three-dot button at the bottom of the toolbar and then tap Recordings, you can enter into the recording list.

In the list, you can see which layer the recording belongs to. By selecting one audio, you can edit its name or export it to the storage. By selecting a few, you can delete them or export them together.

💡A Tip:

By tapping the button beside the pagination, you can sort the recordings by created time (descending) or initials (A to Z).

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2 comments on “How to Use Recorder (Recording Audio) in BOOX Notes App

  1. I wanna use this with Nova 2. With an extern wired headset. As the Nova 2 has no headset jack i need an adapter for usb-c. There are 2 variants: With and without DAC (=active or passive). With first Nova (1) only without DAC (passive) adapters works. How about Nova 2?

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Nova2 requires earphones/headsets with DAC (active). Also, we recommend using a Bluetooth headset.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

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