Sharing Notes, Books, and Files on BOOX to Email Can Never Be So Easy

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part One

Sharing Notes, Books, and Files on BOOX to Email Can Never Be So Easy

Sharing books and notes used to be less intuitive on BOOX tablets. But the V3.1 firmware totally improves the sharing system. Since the release of V3.1 firmware, users can share books, notes, and any file directly to email and third-party apps.

How to Share Notes on BOOX?

Sharing Notes requires just 5 steps:

1️⃣ Open a notepad in the Notes app and tap the three-dot button at the bottom of the toolbar.

2️⃣ Tap “Share.”

3️⃣ Select the sharing range (all layers or only visible layers) and format (single page in PNG or all pages in PDF).

4️⃣ If the settings are all good to go, then tap “Share.”

5️⃣ Then you can send your notes to “Email,” “Onyx-Mail” (recommended), a third-party email (recommended), or other third-party apps that support sharing. You can also share your notes through Bluetooth and “Nearby Share.”

What're the differences between “Bluetooth” sharing and “Nearby Share”?

  • You can share your files to any device supporting Bluetooth.
  • You can share your files to only Android devices via “Nearby Share.”

How to correctly use "Nearby Share”

  • You need to make sure the nearby device is visible to your BOOX tablet by changing its visibility to “All contacts” or “Some contacts.”
  • You need to make sure both devices (a BOOX tablet and a nearby device) are unlocked, close together, and have Bluetooth and location turned on.
  • Once you start transferring files through Nearby Share, it will continue till the sharing process is finished, even if you close Nearby Share.

How to Share Books on BOOX?

Sharing books on BOOX is even more straightforward than sharing notes.

1️⃣ Go to the Library.

2️⃣  Long-press a document that you want to share.

3️⃣ A box will pop up, and you can tap “Share.”

4️⃣ There you go! You can share the file to the destinations that are listed in the Share box.

Besides sharing files in the Library, you can also transfer files in the Storage to other devices. Just enter “Storage > Documents,” then long-press any file to share it.

How to Share Images on BOOX?

Similar to sharing books, there’re two ways of sending images from BOOX to another device.

🚩Method 1: Go to “Storage > Image.” Long-press a picture to start the transfer.

“Storage > Image” collects all the image files in the device. If you want to share the newest image/screenshot, you can conveniently sort the pictures by time. This way is quicker when you want to find an image by name/time/type/size.

🚩Method 2: Enter the built-in Gallery app, open an image, and tap the top right’s share button.

“Gallery” app collects images in all locations and automatically sorts the images into different files. You can easily find an image in a separate folder in the Gallery.

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2 comments on “How to Easily Share Books, Notes, Images on BOOX to Email

  1. The Boox Android app will not sync with Notes on my Nova 2 any more after the last firmware update (3.1).

    1. Hi Sigve,

      The note system has gone through a huge update with the V3.1 firmware, so the BOOX Assistant app needs some time to adapt itself to the new system. We’re very sorry that the app breakdown has caused inconvenience. And we’re working hard to fix this issue and would solve it with a future firmware update. Please stay tuned to our social media where we’ll announce any updates timely. Thank you for your patience and support.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

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