About Us

BOOX is a leading consumer electronics brand specializing in E Ink (ePaper) devices. We design, develop, manufacture and offer innovative E Ink tablets and devices that provide an eye-friendly reading experience and close-to-paper writing feel. All BOOX reading and writing tablets are based on Android and ready for multitasking.

BOOX, one of the most impactful eReader brands, is created and owned by Onyx. BOOX has enjoyed great popularity on the international markets since 2009. Aside from the classic 6″ E Ink eReaders, BOOX is typically famous for its large-screen Android-based E Ink tablets, such as the 13.3″ BOOX Max Lumi and the 10.3″ BOOX Note Air, and the 7.8” color E Ink tablet BOOX Nova3 Color.

Onyx is the World’s first company applying Android 10 OS to eReaders, which is a revolutionary development for the industry. In the past ten years, Onyx products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions on five continents globally. With a highly professional software and hardware development team, we can offer one-stop solutions to distributors, publishers, the education industry, and other potential business partners.