BOOX Affiliate Program

Does $32 commission on each BOOX referred sales sound great?

Earn 4% commission on all referred sales just by referring customers to BOOX Amazon store or

Achieve a win-win situation with your customers by joining BOOX Affiliate Program!

If you are a professional marketer, bloggers, influencers, podcasters, industry-leaders, and you own a content website or a blog, join Amazon Associates or Skimlinks. Otherwise, join BOOX Affiliate Program.

Sign up to Amazon Associates

  1. Click the link below to join Amazon Associate for free.

  1. Fill all the forms Amazon requires.


  1. Amazon staffs will check your site and inform you whether you register the account successfully.


  1. After that, you can use Amazon linking tools to easily link to our BOOX Amazon store or any product page.

Sign up to Skimlinks

  1. Open the link below, and click Sign up a Publisher account on Skimlinks.

  1. After filling all the forms, the Skimlinks staffs will check your content site and inform you if they accept your request a couple of days later.


Sign up to BOOX Affiliate Program

  1. Sign up with your PayPal email address at

  1. Generate a Referral Link

You can click “change URL”, and paste a link of homepage or a specific product page of BOOX Shop ( to the textbox, then you can get an Affiliate link.


  1. Share the referral links to potential customers through social medias, forums, and other platforms.


  1. You can receive commission through Paypal one month after customers placed orders at BOOX Shop. We will arrange payments before the 20th of next month if orders have been confirmed, once every month.


Onyx International Inc. is a leading consumer electronics company dedicated to selling paperlike E Ink products for more than 10 years. Our products have been sold to over 60 countries on 4 continents globally. You can earn a commission worth 1% to 4% of each order(up to $34.39 per unit) for your referral. If you violate the following rules, Onyx reserves the right not to pay out the commission.

1. Each order can only be affiliated with one Affiliate Program. Once we discover that an order is associated with more than one Affiliate Program. We will put your commission-pay-out on hold until we verify your account again.

2. Transactions concluded with unauthorized promotional codes are not eligible for commission-pay-out.