BOOX B.T. Remoter


  • Remotely control your BOOX by simply pressing the buttons.

  • Turn pages, refresh the screen, adjust brightness, turn on/off light, and do many other things easily.

  • Acts as shortcut keys for your BOOX.

  • Rechargeable battery

Product Feature

Shortcut Keys for BOOX Devices

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Other questions

The connect information is saved in the remote controller and devices respectively.

For some reasons, the connect information is not synchronized.It can be solved following the instructions:

If it disconnects right after connected, please clear the device binding information (clear BT connections)

If it fails to connect, please clear the binding information on the remote controller(press power button and middle button of direction for 5 secs)




How to charge?

Charging: the red indicator is on

Fully charged: the blue indicator is on

Low power: the red indicator flashes for 1 sec with 100ms interval

How to update?

Before update:

Put the firmware update zip file on the phone

APP: nRF Connect


Run the app and scan BT device: detect Boox-Remo Control and connect it

Click on the DFU button on the top right of the app, select the firmware update zip file

in file manager (IOS requires to send the zip file to nRF Connect and open it)

Wait until the purple indicator lights on for 2 secs. The firmware update completes